Pipelines – The Planet-Friendly Choice

It’s as sure as the sunrise – when there’s demand for a product, it will find a way to market.

The same is true for Canadian oil. Right now, it’s transported to market by rail – a costly, inefficient, dirty and unsafe method of transporting crude oil.

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Pipelines, by comparison, are extremely safe. Thanks to the hard work of operating engineers, trained through best in class programs organized and invested in by IUOE locals, 99.999 per cent of crude oil moved by pipeline arrives safely at its destination.

We have a lot of work to do to help Canada hit its Paris Agreement targets – our emissions must fall by a further 187 million tonnes.

Operating engineers are doing our part to help Canada meet this challenge. And Canada, for its part, is investing in the programs and innovations it needs to help us to do our part to confront the global challenge of climate change.

But is that true in the rest of the world? When refiners purchase oil from other countries, are they supporting responsible, planet-friendly practices?

It will not surprise you to discover that they are not.

Their safety record is not up to par. Constant spills in Saudi Arabia damage the delicate ecosystems of its salt marshes.

They also encourage irresponsible use of fossil fuels in daily life.

Iran and Saudi Arabia, until very recently, gave their citizens generous fuel subsidies, encouraging overuse of cars and air pollution. Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, is one of the world’s most polluted cities, and its water supply is primarily secured through desalinization plants

Meanwhile, Canada is a responsible participant in the global economy, taking the necessary steps to reduce fossil fuel use and ensure our economy is clean and sustainable.

Global energy producers will secure the crude oil they need to meet their commitments to their customers.

When they choose Canadian oil, they are choosing oil extracted and transported in a responsible way.

Canadian pipelines mean more responsible oil can get to market – safer and cleaner than anywhere else in the world.